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CurrentSolarDelivery not shown in webpage due to error in ServerRequest "requestdata!now


Hi Guys,

Recently I downloaded release V1_3_1_For_Netduino_Plus_V1_Release_20130417_2045 . It appears to me it still contains a bug in returning the CurrentSolarDelivery of P1Now when using the default website. Unlike the upper right gauge, the upper left gauge never shows any results and remains zero. After doing some digging I stumbled to the following code of the netduino itself.

in ReadP1PoortMain.vb line 1298 (WebServer, function ServerRequest) is stated:
PulsePinD13.WattageNow.ToString() & "," & _
but this value is always zero (in my case anyway)
The /telegram shows something like "1-0:2.7.0(0001.98*kW)" so it does get its information from the P1-port correctly that it delivers some Watt..
After replacing the line 1298 in the code by this:
(p1Now.CurrentSolarDelivery * 1000).ToString("F0") & "," & _
and deploying it to the Netduino the left gauge shows the correct results so it seems that this does the trick.

Maybe something for you to take in with you in your next release?

Thanks so far for developing the nice piece of work to monitor the smartmeter with the Netduino and keep up the good work!


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